Den & Pack Information

What are Dens?

A Den is a group of Cub Scouts organized by age and/or grade.  Some packs separate boys and girls.  Pack 137 does not do this.  Dens are typically comprised of 6-8 Scouts.  The Den collectively works towards rank advancement.  Depending on the size of the Pack, there may be multiple Dens working on the same Rank.

The Den is run by the Den Leader and in some instances can have one or more Assistant Den Leaders.  All Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders need to be registered with Scouts BSA.  All adults registered with Scouts BSA have to complete a background check and have to have completed Youth Protection Training.

There are 6 ranks in Cub Scouting; Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Webelos AOL.  Webelos AOL are often referred to as simply AOLs, as they are working on their Arrow Of Light Rank.  The Arrow of Light patch is the only Cub Scout patch that can be worn on the Scouts BSA uniform after the Cub Scout "Crosses Over", advances to Scouts BSA.

Follow this link for more information on Ranks and Rank Advancement.

Pack Organization and Meeting Schedules

The Dens collectively make up the Pack.  The Pack is led by the Cubmaster and the Pack Committee.  The Pack Committee is led by the Committee Chair.   All adults running the Pack are volunteers that have been registered with Scouts BSA.

We typically have a monthly Pack Meeting and conduct joint activities open to all of our Dens.  Dens meet regularly on a schedule determined by the Den Leader.  See the calendar to the righ tof our current Den Meeting Schedules.  Dens may also conduct individual Den activities that may be open to others in the Pack at the discretion of the Den Leaders.  Typically these activities are geared around rank advancement.