Paw Points

Last Update 01/19/2024

Our Pack Committee voted to reward those Cub Scouts who have gone above and beyond in fundraising efforts for our Pack, provide an incentive for participation in these efforts in the future and offer a way for families to cover or offset Scouting costs with Paw Points.

Paw Points are funds held in our Pack account for Cub Scouts from a percentage of the money they earned from Popcorn sales and other Pack fundraising initiatives.  These funds can only be used for Scouting related expenses.  We will make reasonable efforts to transfer these funds to a new Cub Scout Pack or other Scouts BSA unit, when a Cub Scout leaves our Pack.

While we will make every effort to honor Paw Points, they are not guaranteed.  For example, if there is an emergency with Pack funding, Paw Points may be used towards this emergency.  In the unlikely event Paw Points need to be used in an emergency, it would be voted on by the Pack Committee and communicated to those affected.  Keep in mind that fundraising is done in the name of the Pack, not the Scout, and as such many units do not offer Paw Points.


The Paw Points formula is based on a variety of factors; such as how much money is in the Pack Coffers, how much was raised in fundraising, what was the Pack participation level, the Pack Budget, etc…  As a result, this formula needs to be reviewed annually and can change from year to year.

This year our Pack received 48% commission on popcorn sales for a total of $4,716 in Commission.

Paw Points Will Be Awarded By Tiers

Once we have all the data and have processed the calculations, we will share with those that met the Tiers what their Paw Points amount is.