Membership Fees

As we are all too aware, costs on many daily goods and services continue to rise, the BSA has worked to keep its membership fee as low as possible. However, these and other pressures continue to have a negative impact on Scouting finances all the way down to local units like ours.  As a result of these pressures the National Scouts BSA annual membership fees have been increased to address the fiscal realities necessary to continue delivering a safe and quality Scouting program to youth like ours.  Currently youth membership for Cub Scouts is $220 annually for renewals, new members incur a $25 one-time joining fee, for a total of $245 for new members ($193 for Lions).  Any new member after 08/01/2023 dues are due on their Anniversary Date, the day they joined, all others are due in November.

There are options to offset these costs, including self help options and Membership Scholarships (see below for details).

The following national membership fee changes took effect August 1, 2023.  The bold items in yellow are the fees associated with Cub Scouting and are a part of the $220 youth membership fee, $245 for new members.

- $52 Local Council Service Fee (no change) - This fee is waived for Lions and for the 3rd or more child in a family.

- $15 Local Council Insurance Fee (no change)

As a result of these changes and Pack 137 finances, Pack 137 has had to raise our membership fees to $220 per Cub Scout ($10 increase), $245 for new members.  


There are three options to offset costs.  The first is to participate in our fundraising initiatives, another is for new Scouts and Volunteers, the last is through Membership Scholarships for any family requiring assistance.


Unlike most extracurricular activities Scouting is year round, your membership fees provide this year round program.  Here are just some of the items your Membership fee is used for.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to provide your youth with the best possible program.

Yours in Scouting,

Pack 137’s Leaders